Karate Sikhe Online from the comfort of your home/dojo/training centre watch our videos this is very highly detailed but easy to follow video tutorials that help you progress of karate field. here you learn basic techniques, advance techniques of karate Kihon Kata and Kumite. The Instructors are qualified from Shotokan Karate International Federation Japan.

WARNING The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a health professional before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

How to Learn Karate from Beginners // Martial Arts Sikhe //shotokan karate

This video about how to learn shotokan karate from beginning and how to make fist in karate. This video details tutorials about karate punch training with proper breathing.

How to do karate punch // Choku Zuki - Oi Zuki Tutorials // Basic Karate punches // Shotokan Karate

This video is regarding how to do basic karate punches. The video details explained about choku zuki a straight punch in shotokan karate and Oi zuki forward punch in shotokan karate training and also tutorials about heiko dachi kiba dachi and zenkutsu dachi means perfect karate stance and how to move in zenkutsu dachi with oi tsuki.

कराटे स्टान्स कैसे बनाएँ // How to make karate Stances // karate stance kaise banaye // Shotokan Karate

How to make karate stance or how to make karate dachi in this video you learn about basic shotokan karate stances heisoku dachi musubi dachi heiko dachi hachiji daci and renoji dachi karate stances for beginners who wants to learn karate stance training you also learn karate stance in hindi karate stance karate stance name and picture for karate stand and learn how to move in karate steps we describe very easy karate stance tutorials.